Police Foundation Makes Potentially Life-Saving Donation to CSPD, EPCSO

Colorado Springs police officers and El Paso County sheriff’s deputies will be better prepared to handle life-threatening injuries thanks to a Police Foundation of Colorado Springs donation. 

During a presentation at the Colorado Springs Police Operations Center on April 26, 2012, police officers and deputies received medical trauma kits, which provide local law enforcement professionals access to supplies to help them treat a traumatic injury, such as controlling bleeding, until medical help arrives on scene. “Equipping our officers with this kit will allow them to treat citizens, their partners or themselves when time is of the essence and emergency medical service is either immediately unavailable or if the scene is unsafe for them to enter,” said Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey.

El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen said, “El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies are responsible for patrolling more than 2,000 square miles and medical help is often miles and many minutes away from deputies and those they serve. Having these medical trauma kits available in each patrol vehicle will provide deputies a valuable resource that could stabilize a traumatic injury until medical help arrives.” 

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said, “Emergency personnel feel helpless when theyarrive to find a victim in need of immediate medical attention yet don’t have the tools to provide first aid. Ideally, these kits will never be needed, but when they are, it could mean the difference between life and death.”

All of the law enforcement professionals receiving kits will be trained on the proper use of the kit’s contents, which include a combat tourniquet, a blood clotting agent and a chest seal, in addition to other trauma supplies. 

More than 700 kits, including more than 400 kits already distributed, will be donated to the police department and sheriff’s office in 2012 and 2013, purchased with funds donated to Police Foundation of Colorado Springs by the Denver-based Anschutz Foundation. A portion of the funding also came from El Paso County Emergency Services Agency. 

“This donation is a wonderful example of the private sector, in this case two nonprofit foundations, recognizing a need and taking the initiative to purchase these kits, which will provide our officers and citizens additional peace of mind,” said Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach. 

“Police Foundation of Colorado Springs is honored to provide these trauma kits to the law enforcement professionals serving and protecting Colorado Springs and El Paso County,” said Kyle Hybl, PFCS chairman and president.

The medical trauma kits will be distributed to officers and deputies as they complete training on the proper use of the kit’s contents. Each kit cost $86.17 and were purchased from Rescue Essentials of Salida, Colo.

The Police Foundation of Colorado Springs was formed to build effective partnerships that support the Colorado Springs Police Department and our local community.

Medical Trauma Kit (Tactical Trauma Kit) Contents:

  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • CELOX-35 GRAM Pouch (Blood clotting solution)
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage – 4”
  • Asherman Chest Seal
  • EMT Shears, 5.5”
  • Compressed Gauze 4.5” x 4.1 yards
  • Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape 2” x 100