Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mission of the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs?

A: The Foundation’s mission is to build an effective community partnership, which supports the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD).

Q: Why was the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs (PFCS) created?

A: Community leaders formed the PFCS in early 2010 to strengthen the City’s police department in ways not possible through taxpayer resources and to improve public safety for Colorado Springs. Community leaders saw a need in our growing City to assist our police officers.

Q: Are there organizations similar to the PFCS in other U.S. cities?

A: Denver, Los Angeles, and New York City have organizations similar to the PFCS. PFCS has consulted with Denver’s police foundation for support and advice.

Q: How is the Foundation governed?

A: The foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised of well-respected citizens in our community.

Q: What are the Foundation’s goals?

A: The goals of the PFCS include:

  • Providing financial support to our police department
  • Building upon the existing partnership between the CSPD and Colorado Springs businesses and the community
  • Encouraging community crime prevention efforts

Q: How will the Foundation work with other non-profit organizations in the community?

A: The Foundation’s goal is to work with existing groups already supporting the department, including the Police Protective Association, the Hundred Club, the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute, Leadership Pikes Peak and the Center for Creative Leadership. Other non-profit organizations will also partner with the foundation to raise awareness and funds.

Q: How will the Foundation work with and support the CSPD?

A: The Foundation invests in our police department and the future of our City.

  • The police department budget is constrained by the available taxpayer dollars allocated for public safety. Working as an independent, non-profit organization, the Foundation leverages private dollars to support department innovations which are unfunded in the existing budget process.
  • The Foundation is the only organization in Colorado Springs that exists to solely support the police department through donations and community backing.
  • The Foundation’s Board of Trustees reviews all requests from the department for possible funding.

Q: What are examples of funding requests the Foundation will consider?

A: Supplemental funding from the Foundation will help pay for equipment and training for Colorado Springs Police Department officers.

  • The Foundation seeks to provide additional resources through citizen and corporate donations for improved training, technology, and strategies for enhanced law enforcement.
  • Highly trained and equipped officers will mean safer neighborhoods, improved law enforcement effectiveness, and a world-class department ready to meet any challenge.

Q: How will the Foundation contribute to improved public safety in Colorado Springs?

A: The success of our police department depends on community support, which contributes to increased public safety.

  • Effective policing is dependent on a properly staffed, trained, and equipped police department.
  • The Foundation is positioned to help the Department in funding specialized training for key department staff.
  • The bond between the Department and the community strengthens with citizen involvement – officers feel grateful knowing citizens choose to be engaged and want to make a difference.

Q: How will the Foundation unify citizens and the police department to improve public safety?

A: Volunteer foundation board members have their fingers on the pulse of the community. These leaders interact throughout the City, always seeking input to make our police department stronger through a variety of funding opportunities. The Foundation conveys to the police department the desires of citizens for the future direction of the department and the role of law enforcement in our City.

  • Board members work with the department to provide vital funding and support to enhance police efforts clearly of interest to the community.
  • Citizens will be given the chance to interact with the police department, including ride alongs and tours, to gain a greater understanding of what our department does.
  • An on-going relationship between the board, the department, and citizens allows for greater accountability and money being spent wisely by our police officers. Good stewardship of funds and a focus on future needs will lead to a positive outcome.

Q: Will Foundation funding replace City funding?

A: PFCS will not fund those needs and activities which should be funded through the operation and maintenance budget of the City.